Responsible Gaming

Discover BC Game's dedication to responsible gaming. Find out how we support a safe and enjoyable gaming environment with proactive measures and helpful resources.

On the other hand, responsible gaming is the broader concept covering policies and requirements applied to stakeholders of gambling in order to guarantee that they offer the highest quality standards, safe playing activities, and the security of every user, defending him from the possibility of negative results from online gambling. Gambling should be done purely for the sake of fun, in moderation, while always keeping a clear focus on self-control.

What is Responsible Gaming Policy?

The following principles outline the salient features of the policy for responsible gaming that BC.GAME takes into account with intent to keep gaming safe and ethical:

These will help guide and encourage an online gambling attitude that is responsible, with the players having the resources they need to stay on top of their gaming and get help whenever necessary.


The irresponsible gambling may subject the player to some of the risks related to personal and financial well-being. The player should always recognize those risks, which may avoid the potential negative impacts arising from the gambling activities.

This knowledge about the risks will assist in controlling gambling with proper information towards decision making.

Where I Can Get Help in Case of Problems?

This is a list of some not-for-profit organizations that you or your loved ones may visit in case of an issue such as this:

These organizations provide a range of services, from counseling to support meetings or direct intervention for those severely affected by the illness of gambling addiction. BC.GAME supports players when they use such resources to find support and recover from problems with gambling. Always remember, responsible gambling means not losing control of how much time and money to spend on gambling. Time to stop if gambling is not fun.

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